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London Roots Collective


The London Roots Collective (LRC) was a group of volunteer facilitators and trainers who view this practice as a critical tool for social transformation. This was driven by our understanding that the work of transformation requires learning across peoples and spaces, as well as deep reflection on ourselves within our own spaces. We strongly believed that facilitation is a skill and a tactic that can be cultivated by all, and therefore hope to spread a culture of facilitation within socially and politically driven communities.


I was a co-ordinator, trainer, facilitator and mediator for LRC. As part of the collective, I designed and delivered workshops and trainings on the following themes:

  • Facilitation Skills

  • Anti-oppression (Power & Privilege) 

  • Strategy (Organisational and Campaign)

  • Conflict Resolution and Accountability 

  • Mediation


I worked with groups and organisations such as:

Cambridge University Women's Union, Camden Volunteer Centre, Stepney City Farm, The Field, Psychologists Against Austerity, Coventry Refugee and Asylum Action Group, Black Feminists, UK Feminista, Peace News, London Renters' Union, UK Uncut, Sisters Uncut, London Palestine Action, Reclaim the Power.

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