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Post Colonial Critique

Difference and inclusivity


2018: On the coloniality of work: Commercial surrogacy in India. 

Gender, Work, & Organisation. Forthcoming. 

2018: Notes on the subaltern: Or, how postcolonial critique meets the perpetrator. 

The Routledge International Handbook of Perpetrator Studies. Goldberg, Z. and Knittel, S. (eds.)

2015: On solidarity and the politics of bearing witness. 

Nexus: Complicating Community and the Self. Welch, E. et al. (eds.). 227-234.

2013: Trafficking Women’s Human Rights.

Law, Culture and the Humanities, 9(1): 197-200.


The half-truths of Brexit and Trump

Interview with Haifaa Al Mansour, Director 'Wadjda'

When violence becomes visceral

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